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shower designs for the disabled

The Best Wet Room Designs for the Disabled

Are you disabled, or do you care for someone who struggles to shower and manage other daily bathroom tasks? At Age Care Bathrooms, we have over 30 years of experience designing disabled wet rooms and mobility bathroom solutions to meet various different requirements.

We hope to inspire you with new disabled wet room design ideas and help you understand the equipment and safety features that should be incorporated into them.

Disabled Wet Rooms vs Standard Bathrooms

Physical disability or impairment can turn the simplest of everyday tasks in the bathroom into a huge struggle. Subsequently, dependency on others can severely limit privacy when using the bathroom, which can lead to anxiety and depression. 

Wet room designs for the disabled should be safe and accessible, with safety features seamlessly integrated into the space. Unlike a standard bathroom, disabled wet rooms are completely open spaces, providing the ideal solution for people with mobility issues and those who need a wheelchair-accessible shower. Once the existing bath and shower are removed, there is more floor space in your bathroom, allowing for several improvements in disabled wet rooms,  including:

  • A wider doorway
  • Additional space around your toilet
  • A more accessible sink
  • Extra storage space.

The installation of sealed walls and floors also means disabled wet rooms are easier to clean and maintain than a standard bathroom. The water exits the bathroom through the drainage in the floor and the walls and floors can simply be wiped down or cleaned with a steam cleaner.

Although most wet rooms tend only to feature a shower, if the room is large enough, you can also have a walk-in bath.  The design options are totally up to you. With custom wet room designs for the disabled from Age Care Bathrooms, your wet room is designed to meet your specific requirements and preferences. 

3 Wet Room Designs for the Disabled 

Here are our three top ideas and design concepts for creating the most functional, accommodating, and stylish disabled wet room.

1. Modern and Sleek 

Possibly the most popular design option for disabled wet rooms is a modern and sleek look. This can be achieved by:

  • Choosing large, plain, matching wall and floor tiles 
  • Select a floating toilet and sink
  • Opt for a digital shower 
  • Chrome or black taps, shower head and grab bars 
  • Fold-out shower seats
  • Drop down rails.

2. Country Style

For lovers of country style, you can also have a disabled wet room that incorporates a rustic look. Some ways to give a wet room a country style are:

  • Choose bathroom wall panels with a floral pattern
  • Opt for wooden effect vinyl flooring
  • Select a traditional high-level toilet with a wooden seat
  • Choose a sink with a vanity unit for storage
  • Opt for bronze finish taps, shower heads, and grab bars
  • Wooden shower seats or stools.

3. Luxury Spa Style

Creating a spa-style wet room can add a touch of luxury to your home. Key design features of this style are:

  • Stone or stone effect wall and floor tiles
  • Add a built-in bench to the shower area
  • Choose a rainfall shower head or a jet shower
  • Chrome finish taps, shower heads, and grab bars.

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disabled wet rooms

Safety Features for Disabled Wet Rooms

At Age Care Bathrooms, we know how critical safety features are when designing disabled wet rooms. Here are a few of the key features that should be included in a mobility wet room.

    • The door: The door of a wet room must be wide enough to easily let a wheelchair user enter. Additionally, the door should open outwards to maximise the space in the wet room and ensure that it isn’t ever blocked from the inside in case of an accident.
    • Anti-slip flooring: Available in a wide range of materials, anti-slip flooring in disabled wet rooms  is essential to help prevent slips and falls. Wheelchair users may prefer non-slip sheet vinyl flooring, but other options include non-slip ceramic or stone tiles and vinyl planks or tiles.
    • Shower seats: A shower seat allows you to comfortably sit and wash inside the shower and reduces the possibility of falls and slips in the bathroom. Now, when it comes to choosing between the shower seat options — fixed and foldable, it all comes down to your specific needs and preferred aesthetics. Fixed shower seats are ready to use at any time and don’t need to be opened or closed. Foldable shower seats, on the other hand, can be preferable when people with different needs use the wet room, as they allow room for a wheelchair and for standing in the shower. 
    • Toilet seats: When the toilet seat is raised, getting up from a sitting position takes less effort, which may be easier if you have health conditions that cause weak or stiff joints.
    • Adjustable sinks: An adjustable basin can be elevated or lowered to comfortably accommodate the user when washing their hands. Wheelchair users can easily access them thanks to their raised design and they are strong enough to support the weight of standing users.
    • Grab rails and assistance poles: Positioning grab rails and assistance poles strategically in the bathroom can not only help users maintain their balance and safety but also increase confidence and independence. Grab bars should always be located close to the sink and toilet, in the shower area, and along the sides of the bath. Additional assistance poles or grab bars can be added to walls at various heights to provide extra support and stability when moving around the wet room.

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Disabled Wet Room Ideas: Takeaway

The installation of a disabled wet room is an investment that can help wheelchair users, the elderly and people with limited mobility enjoy autonomy and independence. Thanks to a wide range of design possibilities, you can construct a wet room that meets all your practical requirements without sacrificing your style preferences. 

For more than 30 years, Age Care Bathrooms has designed and installed mobility bathrooms. Contact us via our online form or call our team of UK bathroom experts, and we’ll happily assist you in selecting the ideal disabled wet room or accessible bathroom for you and your family.

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