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Benefits of a walk in bath

Walk-in Bath Benefits

Are you wondering if its time to invest in a walk in bath? If your mobility is restricted due to old age or a disability, a walk in bath is a great way to maintain your bathing independence and enables you to enjoy a warm relaxing soak in safety and comfort.

Age Care Bathrooms are the UK’s leading experts for walk-in baths. Be sure to contact our specialists for any further information on walk in bath tubs, as well as the endless benefits available for utilisation.

How Walk-In Bath Installation Can Aid You

Added safety

A walk-in bathtub provides added safety to any bathroom. With a traditional tub, it takes a pretty big step into a slippery area to get into the tub, but this is taken care of with a walk-in model. Often, walk-in tubs are non-slip, and the wall of the tub can be opened easily, and sealed when closed, so a very small step is all that’s necessary to get right in. The seat located in the walk-in tub allows you to sit down and wash with ease, so slipping is never a big concern.

Pain management 

Unlike a standard tub, the seat in a walk-in tub also allows for better pain management. Pain conditions such as arthritis, past injuries, and those caused by ageing can make standing in a shower or getting in and out of a regular tub difficult, and the seat gives you a simple way to soak your pain away. Warm water is a tried, tested, and proven combatant of pain and your baths can be even more pain-relieving in a walk-in tub.

Added relaxation 

With jets, you can think of your walk-in tub as your own personal whirlpool, and they can provide added relaxation during your bath time. Stress can be a big bully to your general health, and relieving stress is part of living well. Sitting in your walk-in tub and allowing the jets to do all the work can give you just what you need to lower your blood pressure and keep stress at bay.


When people get really old or sick, the only thing they have to hold on to is their dignity. A walk-in bath is designed to provide the user with the freedom to enter on their own without help. People with mobility issues and illnesses don’t have to be lifted up and get embarrassed as their peers and kids try to wash them.


The number of people who fall in bathrooms and get injured while showering is simply staggering. Walk-in bathtubs are designed for optimum safety with non-skid floors, safety grab rails, safe seat and a door seal to keep the water in. The chances of someone falling in a walk-in tub are very slim if it’s even possible.

General Health Benefits

A walk-in tub has many jets that force water to go to and fro from all sides. As that happens, the water helps you to heal from pain, fatigue, aching muscles, tension, swelling, injuries and other issues. The forceful water helps to improve blood circulation and immunity so you have better overall health. Apart from all the health and physical benefits, you will reap from a walk-in tub, you also add value to the home. Walk-in tubs are the future and every house that has one will be highly sought after.

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