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The elderly and disabled are guaranteed safety, comfort, and independence with mobility wet rooms. If your current bathroom is neither future-proof nor meets your current needs, then Age Care Bathrooms is here to cater to those needs. With over 20 years of experience in providing excellent quality mobility wet rooms, they are specifically tailored to your mobility needs. As a leading UK supplier, we can design bespoke mobility wet rooms, while closely following the best practices guidelines according to NHS & Occupational Therapy.

In all aspects of getting your mobility wet room installed, our staff are fully trained and qualified. This enables getting the job done in one go without contracting third parties. Our mobility wet rooms are not only made for safety and comfort, but they are modern and stylish as well. Call us for a free consultation and quote today, or use our online 3D service!

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3D CAD Designs

We are one of the first in our industry to offer an online virtual design service for mobility wet rooms. Send us the dimensions of your current bathroom along with photos and we can show you how your new fully-accessible mobility wet room will look. 

After listening carefully to your preferences and requirements, we will assist you in choosing between the vast range of mobility wet rooms available on the market. We will then offer you a free, no-obligation quote including all fitting services. There are no hidden charges, our team carry out the installation and the removal of your old bathroom all included.

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Mobility Wet Rooms Features

Mobility wet rooms need to be safe and accessible to the user, so we tailor our design to your disability requirements. If wheelchair access and safety features are required, this comes as part of the design. All of our installations are carried out with incredible attention to detail, to make sure your unique mobility requirements are taken into consideration. That's why as standard, all of our mobility wet rooms include the following:

If you require any additional features to those listed above, just let us know and we'll adapt your mobility wet room to suit.

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Frequently asked questions

Mobility Wet Rooms FAQs

Mobility wet rooms are bathrooms for elderly and disabled people that are completely water-proof and leak-proof, with shower areas that are levelled the same as the rest of the bathroom's floor. 


Non-slip flooring is utilised to avoid accidents and make moving around mobility wet rooms easier. To avoid damage from water seepage, the flooring and walls of mobility wet rooms are thoroughly tanked with some form of the water-proof overlay.

Yes, mobility wet rooms can have toilets in them, as well as sinks and cabinets. Because as the name implies, mobility wet rooms are always wet, wall-mounted toilet, sink, and cabinet units are the excellent choice. This ensures that there is no room for excess water.


Being that our mobility wet room designs are tailored to individual needs and preferences, having toilets and other bathroom fixtures in there are solely based on you. This goes down to the design and placements of these fixtures, which are discussed at the point of the free consultation we offer. With our 3D virtual drawing service, you will be able to have a feel of what the final outlook of your wet room with toilet units and other fixtures will look like.

You do not need a tray in a wet room, because rather than having one, we make sure that the entire floor is well leak-proofed and provided with adequate drainage. This drainage is located in the shower area, as the floor and the wall is tanked. Towards where the drain system is, we add a slight slope to ensure easy outflow of water.


With this, a tray is not needed as it will invalidate the whole need of a mobility web room, as they are extremely practical. Getting in and out of a shower tray can prove difficult for the elderly and disabled. Also, a non-slip floor finish is used, to further enable easy mobility.

From start to finish, it might take as little as 3 days. We endeavour to be efficient, and we can complete tasks quickly because we don't have to wait for other contractors like plumbers or electricians, who can slow down the process. Because each mobility wet room we build is unique, the time it takes to complete the installation will vary based on factors such as the size and style of your bathroom, as well as features that are tailored to your specific needs. 


Due to high demand, there is usually a few weeks of wait time after your initial inquiry. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working on your mobility wet room.


The cleaning process, as well as the overall maintenance of mobility wet rooms, is quite easy, as even the walls are easy to clean. They are naturally designed to be wet, so when it comes to cleaning, all that is needed are normal home bathroom cleaners. The process is to spray the entire space down to disinfect and keep mildew and mould away.


Because there is no need for bathmats, shower curtains, and some other accessories needed in regular bathrooms, the only items that require washing in mobility wet rooms are towels. Also, cleaning the toilets, sinks and cabinets is easy, as we make sure to mount them to the walls at easily accessible levels and do not give room for excess water.

Mobility wet rooms are a particularly safe bathroom choice for the elderly, especially if they have mobility issues. They're a great way to improve bathroom safety because they don't allow for tripping hazards. Because there is no need to step into or out of a shower tray or bathtub with mobility wet rooms, the risk of accidents is decreased.


They are designed to be very accessible because they have large doors with no barriers to the bathrooms and shower spaces. This means that elderly people who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs, rollators, and walking frames will have easy access to them. This further gives a sense of independence. Also maintaining and cleaning mobility wet rooms is very easy as there are no fixtures on the floor, and the shower area is an open space.

All of our mobility wet room setups include a few important safety elements as standard. These are the following:

  • Grab rails that come in a variety of sizes and styles, but are vital for shower safety and peace of mind.
  • Non-slip flooring to avoid hazards of any sort and aid easy movement around mobility wet rooms.
  • Thermostatic protection in the shower unit to avoid burns accidents.
  • Lever taps that are easy to use and can be switched on and off quickly as needed.

We give a free, no-obligation consultation and quote suited to your needs because each mobility wet room that we create is unique. We can customise the products to fit your budget, and because we don't have to pay for subcontractors, our prices are typically lower than those of our main competitors. 


We may include a 3D virtual drawing of your mobility wet room with your quote so you can see precisely what you're getting for your money. For many people, having a disability wet room is a cost-effective method to extend their time in their own home, especially when contrasted to the price of transferring into a care facility.

Yes, we are more than pleased to install a mobility wet room in any size of bathroom, big or small. A mobility wet room, like any other wet room, may easily blend into your present home decor since we provide a variety of design alternatives.


With our online virtual design service, we can assist you in creating your ideal level access shower. Simply provide us with the measurements of your current bathroom and we'll show you exactly how your new level access shower will look. This is not limited to already existing bathroom spaces alone, as we can turn any existing space into a mobility wet room, which is the beauty of it all.

During the installation of mobility wet rooms, we aim to cause as little disruption as possible in your home. This means putting down dust sheets to protect your floor, cleaning up whatever mess is made, as well as being considerate when moving around your home.


There will however be some inevitable noise, but we will be careful enough to ensure it is at the minimum. We will work quickly on-site to get your mobility wet room ready for use in no time while delivering quality service.

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We provide a complete service without the need for subcontractors

Our free, no obligation quotation includes all fitting services such as –