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The Best Wheelchair Accessible Shower Options

Choosing the best shower for wheelchair access can be daunting. In this post, we explain the differences between the best wheelchair-accessible showers to help you make an informed decision. 


A refreshing shower is something everyone, regardless of age, disability, or mobility issues, should be able to enjoy safely and with dignity. However, with conventional showers, having an independent, safe, and enjoyable shower experience is often not easy. A common challenge particularly faced by wheelchair users is manoeuvring around a bathroom that has not been designed with a shower for wheelchair access.


Fortunately, there is a wide range of wheelchair-accessible showers you can consider for your ageing parent or loved one with limited mobility: 

  • Level Access Showers With Cubicles
  • Walk-In Showers with a Shower Tray
  • Walk-In Baths with Overhead Showers
  • Shower-Only Wet Rooms 

Let’s take a look at the required size for a mobility bathroom, with the wheelchair-accessible shower options you may want to consider:

Ideal Accessible Bathroom Size: UK Building Regulations

According to UK building regulations, the minimum dimensions for a disabled bathroom are 2700mm deep x 2500mm wide. This size is ideal for a wheelchair-accessible shower-only bathroom to maximise floor space. 


When utilising a wheelchair, it is vital to have enough turning room to access the shower, toilet, and wash basin. Additionally, bathroom and shower doors should have a minimum width of 900mm and swing outwards to accommodate wheelchairs without any difficulty. 

Level Access Showers with Cubicles

Level Access Shower

Level access showers, also known as a walk-in or roll-in showers, are an excellent option when installing a shower for someone who requires wheelchair access. Wheelchair users may choose to remain in their wheelchair or transfer to a shower chair with wheels when using a level-access shower. Alternatively, depending on individual needs, a fixed shower seat can be attached to the wall. Instead of a traditional shower tray, level access showers have graded, slightly sloped flooring, ensuring water does not spill out of the shower area. 


Level access, wheelchair-accessible showers can be made more private with the addition of a cubicle. You have several choices to choose from when deciding which kind of cubicle best suits your requirements:


  • Full cubicles.  These come with three sides and a cubicle door and can be installed anywhere in the bathroom.
  • Corner cubicles. These fit well in the corner of your bathroom and take up less space.

Walk-in Showers with a Shower Tray

Walk In Showers

Walk-in showers with a low shower tray are best suited for wheelchair users who can get in and out of their wheelchairs independently and confidently walk a few steps. This type of shower typically includes a shower cubicle and can have a fixed shower chair or a pull-down seat to provide a comfortable, safe, and stable place to sit while showering


But even if a wheelchair user can currently step into the shower tray without difficulty, it’s critical to consider if this will also be manageable in the future. 

Walk-in Baths with Overhead Showers

walk in bath tub

A shower over a walk-in bath with doors is a popular design choice, especially when there is insufficient room for a bath and a separate shower. Featuring a small glass door on the side that opens and closes, this design can also come with an electric rising bath seat to make it easier to transfer from a wheelchair into the bath.


The advantage of a walk-in bath with an overhead shower is it offers the flexibility of a shower for wheelchair access and a long, soothing bath. 


Download or Request a Free Walk-In Bath Guide

Shower-Only Wet Rooms 

mobility wet room for elderly

A wet room is perhaps the ultimate choice of shower for wheelchair access. When you choose to have a wet room, your entire bathroom has a level floor that is both waterproof and slip-resistant. As there is no cubicle (although portable ones can be used to provide privacy if preferred), shower-only wet rooms provide the maximum floor space to make it easier to manoeuvre in a wheelchair between the shower, sink, and toilet. 

Choosing Your Wheelchair Accessible Shower

At Age Care Bathrooms, our experienced team of bathroom experts is here to discuss your needs and help you select a wheelchair-accessible shower. It’s also important to consider potential long-term changes in health and mobility, and we would recommend considering the following:

  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Are you having a shower installed to suit you or someone else who needs a wheelchair due to dementia or Alzheimer’s? Although these illnesses may not always necessitate the use of a wheelchair, mobility is likely to deteriorate over time. This is why choosing a shower or a walk-in bath is best, allowing full wheelchair access. 
  • Limited mobility. A walk-in shower with a shallow tray may be a preferable option if it’s important for muscle strength and general health to get in and out of the wheelchair and move around.   
  • Accessible shower for carers. When installing a shower for a person who requires carers to assist them, a level access shower with a cubicle offers privacy, helping to maintain dignity when showering. 
  • Permanent wheelchair users. If you use a wheelchair at all times and like to have complete independence when showering, a wet room may be the best option. Alternatively, in a larger bathroom, a walk-in bath with a rising seat and overhead shower may be preferable if you enjoy taking a bath. 

Age Care Bathrooms is one of the UK’s leading providers of wheelchair-accessible showers and wet rooms. We’ve been building and installing mobility bathrooms for more than 30 years. 


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