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Age Care Bathrooms offers increasingly popular solutions for safe mobility bathrooms. We’ve put together a free walk-in shower guide to assist you in selecting the ideal mobility shower for your particular requirements.

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Mobility Showers for Easy Access

Showering is quick and simple, or at least it should be! 

If you or someone you care for finds it difficult to get in and out of a shower, whether because of mobility issues or a shower for wheelchair access is required, we have the solution. A walk-in shower for disabled users allows anyone to enjoy the independence they deserve in their bathroom. Mobility showers can make showering safe and comfortable if using a standard shower is challenging due to limited mobility or age-related health conditions. 

As one of the UK’s leading independent disabled shower suppliers and installers, we design custom mobility showers tailored to your specific mobility needs. We follow all best practices according to NHS occupational therapy guidelines. Plus, our showers for disabled access come in various styles to suit personal tastes.

We understand that disability, age, accident, or illness can make showering a stressful, difficult or even dangerous experience. Showers for elderly people and people with limited mobility can be exhausting, especially when it’s a struggle to get in and out of the shower due to impractical design features and a lack of mobility aids. We can change this for you and design a disabled shower to significantly reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

With a specially adapted disabled shower or a shower for wheelchair access, you can restore the confidence and freedom to shower without assistance for yourself or someone you care for.

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Free Disabled Shower Virtual Design Service

We are one of the first mobility bathroom suppliers in our industry to offer an online virtual disabled shower 3D design. We will utilise the most recent computer-aided design (CAD) tools to produce a professional 3D image of your new mobility bathroom after carefully considering your needs and preferences. This will guarantee that you are completely aware of the final design of your new bathroom, as well as the arrangement of all the fixtures and fittings you have chosen within the available space.

We will then offer you a free, no-obligation quote, including all fitting services. There are no hidden charges — our team carries out the installation and removal of your old bathroom.

Get in touch today to start designing your new disabled shower!

  • Provide your rough bathroom dimensions
  • Upload a couple of images of your current bathroom
  • Let us know your budget.

Stylish and Practical Disabled Showers

A disabled shower adapted for mobility requirements does not have to compromise on style. Our practical disabled showers are available in a wide range of styles from leading UK manufacturers. Plus, we are totally independent, which means we can advise you on the walk-in shower that will best fit your bathroom size, individual needs, and budget.

As standard, all of our disabled showers include the following:

  • Assistance poles
  • Grab rails
  • Safety glass
  • Easy-to-use taps
  • Seating
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Ventilation
  • Easy-to-clean walls.
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Free No-Obligation Home Survey and Quote

Need some assistance selecting the right disabled shower and safety features?

Get in touch with our team to arrange your free home survey and no-obligation quote.

How Age Care Bathrooms Work

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1. No Obligation Consultation and Professional Design Service

A member of our team will go over your accessibility requirements, budget and design choices during your no-obligation consultation. After that, we will offer you measurement instructions for your bathroom, or you may schedule a free in-home consultation with us, during which we will visit your house.

2. Personalised Quote

We always provide a personalised service that considers your unique requirements, the space available and your preferences. Once you’re satisfied with the unique 3D design, we’ll offer you an obligation-free quote. All expenses, including fixtures and fittings, as well as the entire installation and removal of your old shower, are included in the total price. We will never surprise you with extra fees or expenses. We just need a 25% deposit if you want to proceed, after which you’ll receive a booking confirmation. 

3. Complete Installation

Allow us to relieve you of the burden of finding trustworthy and qualified tradespeople. The skilled and screened professionals on our installation crew work for Age Care Bathrooms. We offer a full installation service without the need for outside contractors, and every component — including carpentry, tiling, electrical, plumbing, and other areas — all of which are completed to the greatest possible standard. 

An installation date is generally arranged within four to six weeks following your initial appointment. Installation can often be completed in as little as three days. Even though you might not have a bath or shower for a few days, our staff will make sure you always have access to a functional toilet in your home.

4. Waste Removal

Our team of professionals will tidy up and take out any old fixtures and waste as little as possible to allow you to start using your new walk-in shower right away. To help protect the environment and keep waste materials out of landfills, we will recycle waste items as frequently as we can.

5. Aftercare Service

We will not invoice you for the remaining balance on your new walk-in shower until you’re happy with every aspect.

And our services do not end when our installation team says goodbye. You’ll benefit from our comprehensive aftercare service, with expert team members on hand to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your new shower.

What Customers Say about Age Care Bathrooms

We’re proud to deliver a five-star service. Here’s what our customers say about their experience with Age Care Bathrooms.

Why Choose Age Care Bathrooms to Install a Mobility Shower?

Our friendly UK team has over 30 years of experience installing mobility showers and designing accessible bathrooms to make life easier for anyone with limited mobility and wheelchair users. We have had the privilege of helping hundreds of customers to live life on their terms. If you require a disabled shower with easy access, we can ensure that transforming your bathroom is simple and hassle-free.

Free home survey and
no-obligation quote

A member of our team will discuss requirements and style preferences for a disabled shower during a home survey. If you prefer to consult with us over the phone, we can provide a no-obligation quote for a disabled shower without a home survey. Either way, we’ll never pressure you to make a decision.

We are an independent company

Being a family-run business, we operate independently and have no connection to any particular manufacturers. Helping you to find the ideal walk-in shower for your particular needs and specifications is our only concern.

We never use subcontractors

You can feel confident that every member of our installation team is a competent and vetted employee of Age Care Bathrooms since we never make use of subcontractors. There is no need to worry about finding qualified and trustworthy tradespeople. Our fully vetted installation team will complete all electrics, plumbing, joinery, and tiling.

Mobility showers installed with
safety in mind

Following NHS occupational therapy recommendations, we adhere to all guidelines. A walk-in shower with a seat, assistance poles, grab rails, and other safety essentials not only increases safety but also makes showering a pleasurable experience if you have limited mobility or are unable to stand for long.

Quick installation from beginning
to end

With plumbing, electrical, joinery, flooring, and waste removal all included, we take pride in providing a full range of services. Our team of professionals can complete installations fast! Your new disabled shower will be fully operational and ready to use in as little as three days. 

No mess left behind

On the day of your installation, we bring the materials to your home. When we’re finished, there won’t be a skip or a fuss because we’ll take all the rubbish, including your old shower.

Walk In Shower

We Can Create Your Ideal Disabled Shower

Speak to our caring team to learn more.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists — designing and installing bathrooms in the mobility sector.

We Provide a Complete Installation Service without Subcontractors

Our free, no-obligation quotation includes all fitting services.

Get a Quote or Call 0800 999 8994

At Age Care Bathrooms, we are a family-run business and have personal experience with relatives who have struggled to use a standard shower or bath due to dementia and mobility issues. A walk-in shower was the solution, and if you or someone you care for finds it difficult to enter and exit the shower, it could be the solution you’re looking for.

Nobody should have to struggle to shower because they are unable to move around easily or require a mobility device. With a walk-in shower, you or someone you care for can enjoy the independence they deserve in the bathroom.

See the Full Range of Mobility Showers in the Age Care Bathrooms Brochure

Walk-in Shower Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a query concerning the installation of a walk-in shower? These are the most common queries that our customers ask our team.

The price of mobility showers will depend on the model chosen, the layout of your bathroom, and any luxury features you choose. If you need help selecting a disabled shower within your budget, we will happily show you the best walk-in shower for disabled use or for those with mobility issues that fits your unique needs! 

We recommend a home survey so that we can assess your bathroom’s dimensions, allowing us to recommend the best solution to suit your budget and requirements. If you prefer we can discuss your requirements on the phone and provide you with a free 3D design and quote without needing to visit your home.

Our no-obligation quote will include all fixtures and features for your disabled shower with a complete installation. Because we don’t use third-party contractors, we are extremely competitive, and, as we are completely independent, we can source a wide range of high-quality products from top manufacturers at great prices. 

Showering should be simple and easy, whether you are a wheelchair user or have limited mobility. Our disabled showers are easy to adjust and make it easy to be independent with open access, grab bars, and, if required, a seat to sit on.


We recommend a wet room with a level access shower for wheelchair users. With a wet room, the walls and floor are completely waterproof, making the room easy to keep clean and maintain. There is no shower tray, and they are designed so that all water is directed towards the draining point, known as gravity draining. This provides completely unrestricted access to all bathroom areas, including the shower area, allowing wheelchair users to enter and exit unassisted.


A disabled shower is designed to make it easier to use for people with limited mobility, who can’t stand for long periods, or who feel unsteady on their feet. They can include various safety features such as grab rails and a seat.


The size of a disabled shower can vary, depending on the size of your bathroom. Even the smallest bathroom will usually accommodate a walk-in shower. However, there may be instances when a wet room with a level access shower may make better use of space.


From the initial consultation to installation, our team will take care of ordering and installing your new disabled shower. All you need to do is choose your preferred option and sit back and relax while we take care of everything else.


The size of a disabled shower can vary, depending on the size of your bathroom. Even the smallest bathroom will usually accommodate an easy-access shower. However, there may be instances when a wet room with a level access shower may make better use of space.


From the initial consultation to installation, our team will take care of ordering and installing your new disabled shower. All you need to do is choose your preferred option and sit back and relax while we take care of everything else.


Our team will take great care and consideration to cause as little disruption as possible. We use dust sheets to protect your floor, clean up mess daily and dispose of all old shower parts. We understand that it can be stressful having strangers working in and moving around your home, and we will do all we can to ensure the installation of your disabled shower is stress-free.


Still have a question?

Chat with our experts! We’re happy to answer your questions just call 0800 999 8994.

Visualise Your New Walk-in Shower in Your Bathroom with a 3D Design

You can shower independently and with confidence if you have a bespoke walk-in shower. At Age Care Bathrooms, a disabled shower doesn’t mean sacrificing style for practicality. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to help you choose the ideal walk-in shower based on your needs and your budget.

Would you like to see how a walk-in shower would appear in your space? To get started, just use our secure site to upload a few pictures and the approximate size of your bathroom. Get your personalised, no-obligation 3D bathroom design and quotation by telling us about your specific requirements and preferences. 

Visualise Your Perfect Bathroom without Committing with a Custom 3D Bathroom Design

What are your bathroom dimensions?