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What Are Digital Showers?

When you are designing a mobility bathroom, there are many choices to make. Primarily, if you want to have an accessible shower, you need to decide if you would like a level access shower, a mobility wet room or a shower bath. Once you have decided on the type of shower you require for your level of mobility, you must then decide on the type of shower itself.


There are various types of showers to choose from, but the main ones are:

  • Mixer showers
  • Power showers
  • Electric showers
  • Smart showers
  • Digital showers


To get the ideal shower experience, a smart or digital shower incorporates a digital thermostat that you can adjust to the exact temperature you want. This means that, unlike traditional electric showers, the water temperature and pressure can be precisely set to your preference. 


In this post, we are going to focus on digital and smart showers and explain the differences between them and how they work. Read on if you would like to know more about digital shower installation and the features they provide.

How Do Digital Showers Work?

Digital showers work by taking water from the hot and cold water supplies and mixing them inside a mixer unit. There are two types of digital showers, and the one you will need will depend on your heating system:


1.Combi boilers (mains pressure systems) — are compatible with a high-pressure digital shower


2.Gravity-fed water systems — are compatible with a digital shower with a built-in pump. 


If you are unsure about picking a compatible choice for your heating system, please contact our experienced team at Age Care Bathrooms to arrange a free home consultation. 

Digital Shower Features

There are many different types of additional features that can come with digital showers, depending on the model. A few popular features of most digital showers are:

  • LED touch screen displays — Unlike traditional showers with buttons or dials, almost all digital showers feature a touch screen display. For people with arthritis or who have problems with their hands, being able to operate the shower by touch can make using the shower much easier. 
  • Remote programming — A real advantage of a digital shower is the ability to turn it on and set the exact temperature and flow of the water using a control via remote programming. 
  • Motion sensors — To save energy and water, some digital showers come with motion sensors so that when you move away from the shower head, the water flow is reduced. 
  • Dual outlets — Dual outlets mean the shower can alternate between a fixed overhead shower and a handheld shower head with ease. This is especially beneficial in a mobility shower, which is used by people who may need to sit down and those who prefer to stand.

Digital Shower Installation

One of the key advantages of digital showers is how simple and quick they are to install. In most cases, if you already have completed your mobility wetroom or bathroom and want to add a digital shower, wall tiles will not need to be removed during a digital shower installation. 


Unlike a traditional or electric shower, the mixing unit can be hidden away and installed in the loft or wall cavities or behind a bath panel. This keeps it out of the shower space, making it easier to move around without any risk of bumping into the mixer unit.

Digital Showers vs Smart Showers

At Age Care Bathrooms, we are often asked about the differences between digital showers and smart showers. Essentially, a digital shower and a smart shower both work in the same way, with a digital thermostat that regulates temperature and a control panel to regulate the water flow. However, smart showers are additionally connected to a smart app like Alexa or Google. 


Once synced to your chosen app, it gives you the ability to control your smart shower by voice with Alexa or Google. Not everyone likes to use these types of smart apps, and if you prefer not to, then a smart shower will not offer you any advantages over a digital shower. But if you do like using apps, a smart shower allows you to turn it on, adjust the temperature, set timers and much more, all by voice control. 

Digital Shower Summary

Digital showers have various advantages over other types of showers. Key benefits include:

  • Temperature can be set to a precise degree so that there is no risk of scolding yourself or hassle trying to adjust the temperature when you are in the shower.
  • Easy to control elements such as the water flow by touch, making them an excellent choice for anyone who finds it difficult to turn levers or dials.
  • The mixer unit can be installed outside of the bathroom, in a wall cavity or under the bath panel if you opt for a shower bath.
  • If your preference is for a modern-looking aesthetic, digital showers look incredible.
  • Digital showers also have the potential to save you money on water and energy.

Age Care Bathrooms is a leading mobility bathroom company. For over 30 years, we have been completing wet room and mobility bathroom installations with a wide range of shower options to suit individual needs and preferences. 


If you would like to learn more about the most suitable showers for your wet room or mobility bathroom, please contact our UK team or request a free home survey.

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