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wet room showers & their benefits

Wet Room Shower Benefits

There are more than 11 million people in the UK with a physically debilitating illness, impairment, or disability – which can turn simple daily tasks into a huge struggle. Fortunately, there are adaptations you can make to a bathroom to make life easier, especially for tasks such as showering and using the washbasin, one being the versatile and practical ‘Wet Room Showers’. Such modifications can allow you to create a safer and more practical space that allows the disabled user to retain as much independence as possible.

This article by Age Care will provide some insight into the essentials for wet room showers, as well as how certain aspects can promote independence for users. For further inquiries about wet room showers, be sure to contact our highly knowledgable team. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with any questions. 

How will a level access wet room or walk-in shower help me?

A level access shower or wet room is exactly how it sounds. Instead of having a shower tray that the water flows into, the entire floor becomes waterproofed and given adequate drainage.

This means that there is no longer a lip or edge of a shower tray to navigate, which can be especially difficult for those who have limited mobility or need to use a wheelchair.

The ease of access, wide opening entry and option for assisted bathing makes it the perfect solution in settings such as care homes, hospitals and they can even be built in your own home. With a built-in slip-resistant shower floor, you are able to get in and out with your wheelchair, zimmer frame, or walk straight in with confidence and peace of mind. Wet rooms will usually have other features making them safer, like grab rails, fold-down seats and easy-to-use temperature controls.

Can I change some aspects of the wet room?

There are also many shower screen options available to suit all of your showering needs whether you need disabled shower access for assisted showering, whereby a half-height panel screen would be the most suitable for the ease and benefit of a carer, plus the water stays within the shower area at all times.

Alternatively, if you are able to shower independently, then a full height open panel screen might be your preferred option so that you can get in and out with your mobility equipment easily.

What if I need extra mobility during showering or bathing?

As already mentioned, there are also options for extra mobility assistance with shower accessories such as grab rails, shower seats, different size doors and screen options to suit all mobility requirements. All these features improve the overall experience for disabled persons or those with limited mobility, making wet rooms an especially useful bathing area.

The AgeCare walk-in showers, walk-in baths and easy access wet rooms not only offer a completely practical mobility solution for disabled bathing but they are also the most stylish and modern bathrooms currently in the mobility market. Level access showers are the way to go if you have a disability both for practicality and safety.

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