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Bathroom Adaptations for Disabled

Are you looking for bathroom adaptations for the elderly? Is this due to physical issues, mobility impediments or is it just for ease of access? As a bathroom adaptation supplier, our installations are perfect for the disabled or for the elderly. All of our supplied disabled bathrooms follow all NHS or Occupational Therapist guidelines for a fully safe and secure bathroom.

With our bathroom adaptations for the elderly, our customers are assured complete security during their cleansing process. We pride ourselves on providing a cost-efficient, yet long-lasting service, using the very best accessories and tools.

Our friendly UK based bathroom adaptors have many years of experience in designing and installing bathrooms for a range of sizes and conditions. Our experts work efficiently without sacrificing on quality to ensure minimal waiting times for your new bathroom modification.

With so many styles and ranges of bathroom adaptations on offer, we can guide you on the most suitable service for your needs. Based on your requirements, our bathroom adaptation team can recommend specific apparatus, focusing on comfort, ease of access and optimal usage.

Our bathroom adaptation for the elderly apply the very best in safety features to ensure that when we transform your bathroom, you are completely satisfied with not only the quality of installation but the knowledge that you will be safe when enjoying your new bathroom.

To ensure that the adaptation installations for your bathroom creates as little fuss as possible, we not only minimise dust, debris and other causes mess but also clean up any remaining mess. This separates us from other bathroom adaptation suppliers, as we dedicate extra time, ensuring our customers to enjoy their dream bathroom instantly, without the strain of cleaning.

With our fast installation times, our disabled bathroom suppliers aim to create the least disruption to your home and bathroom. We understand that you want to be able to use your new bathroom as quickly as possible.

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We can make your dream bathroom accessible.
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We are one of the UK’s leading specialists with 30 years combined experience in the mobility sector.

What Do Bathroom Adaptations For The Elderly Include?

The most popular bathroom adaptations for the elderly include a level access shower (no tray or lip to make access extremely easy) installed as it is perfect for those with mobility issues, to stop troubles of accessing the shower or bath. Due to disabled bathrooms being designed for the disabled, we have perfected each method of ease for those with impaired mobility.

Our bathroom adaptations offer a range of safety features to ensure you are safe and relaxed whilst bathing.

Safety features include:-

  • Grab rails
  • Assistance poles
  • Non slip flooring
  • Foldable or fixed seats
  • Panic cords

Bathroom Adaptation For The Elderly, Expert Fitting With No Hidden Fees

Each bathroom adaptations for the elderly by our installed by our experts requires a different design based on the current shape, size and condition of the bathroom. We handle the overall planning, enabling our experts to handle the load, providing further easing for our customers.

Our designated bathroom adaptation discuss what you need, what budget you want to work to and offer you a fully tailored shower to exactly meet your needs, all within your price range.

Contact our bathroom adaption team to receive a quote, completely free of charge. Our experts will discuss your needs and requirements, offer suggestions on overcoming them and begin the initial visit for planning and design. Our process is jargon-free, with a sole focus on our team taking on the strain, rather than our customers.

Stylish, bespoke bathroom adaptations to meet your exact needs

Each bathroom adaptations for the elderly by our installed by our experts, get in touch today.

We can supply

  • Assistance poles
  • Grab rails
  • Seats
  • Safety glass
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Fixtures and fittings

Fast Installation

Quick response as 3 days installation time!

Maintenance Free

Walls and ceilings

We provide a complete service without the need for subcontractors

Our free, no obligation quotation includes all fitting services such as –










Waste Removal


Disabled Showers FAQ’s

Each case is unique but we typically fit disabled walk in showers in as little as 3 days, from start to finish. All the work is carried out by our team and we do not rely on other contractors as they can slow down the process.

If you’re trying to figure out if you need a level access shower or a walk in shower, get in contact with our team now and they can help guide you on the best course of action. We have an array of information

One of the benefits of a diabled walk in shower means that the size of the actual shower itself can vary, depending on the size of your bathroom. There may be instances where a wet room or mobility bathroom may be more suited to your needs. Age Care Bathrooms can help guide you.

100% we provide and install everything to supply you with your comfortable, safe and ideal disabled walk in shower to suit your budget.

Our team will take great care and consideration when working in your home. We use dust sheets to protect your floor, clean up the mess and get rid of your old bathroom parts. We were brought up to respect our elders and we ensure that this philosophy is reflected in our work.

As each disabled shower we install is unique, we will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation and quote specific to your requirements. Being independent, we are able to offer very competitive quotes, as our costs do not need to cover subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians. Along with your quote we can provide a 3D virtual drawing of how your disabled shower will look, so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. For many, having a disabled shower is a way to extend their years in their own home and is a small investment when compared to the costs of moving into a care home.

For wheelchair users, we recommend a level access disabled shower (also known as a wetroom). This provides completely unrestricted access to all areas of the bathroom including the shower area, allowing the user to enter and exit unassisted. With a wetroom, the walls and floor are completely waterproof, making the room easy to keep clean and maintain. While there is no tray to collect the water in, they are designed so that all water is directed towards the draining point, which is known as gravity draining. This means that they won’t leak! Contact our team to learn more about our wheelchair accessible disabled showers.