Walk In Showers
Walk In Showers

30+Year Experience


Walk in Shower for Elderly, Disabled, and People with Limited Mobility

It should be simple and fast to take a shower. We have a solution if you or someone you care for finds entering or exiting a shower difficult. Whether you care for someone who needs a walk in shower or a shower with wheelchair access, Age Care Bathrooms has the solution. Everyone can gain the freedom they should have in their bathroom with a walk in shower.

A walk in shower will make it much easier for you to enjoy the shower and your bathroom.

Walk-in showers are popular for modern bathrooms due to their contemporary appearance and low maintenance. We provide various options to match the design of your home and provide a worry-free installation. Contact us for a free home survey and no obligation quote, or use our online design service free of charge. If a conventional shower or bath is challenging to use, maybe it’s time to consider a walk-in shower for older people and people with limited mobility. 

Call us on 0800 999 8994 to book your home survey and quote for free.

We commit to the principle of considering every customer like family. As a result, we are open and honest when we state that the price for a fully installed, fully guaranteed Age Care Bathroom, walk in shower starts at only £7,000.

To Make Your Dream Walk-In Shower a Reality Speak to Our Team Right Away

With 30 years of combined expertise designing and constructing accessible walk-in showers, we are one of the top specialists in the UK. We guarantee that our completely qualified professionals will install your walk in shower without charging you any additional fees, and we'll never try to upsell you. This is simply the Age Care Bathroom way.

What's Included with All Age Care Walk-In Showers for Elderly and Less Able-Bodied Users?

Whether you have limited mobility or use a wheelchair, a walk in shower must be safe and easily accessible, so we customise your design to match your specific needs. To ensure that all of your specific mobility requirements are adequately met, we pay extraordinary attention to detail in every installation, whether for a walk-in shower for disabled users or people with limited mobility.

Get a free design of a customised walk in shower today to reclaim confidence and autonomy while taking a shower.

Walk In Showers for Older and Less Able-Bodied People with Mobility Aids

With every walk in shower installation, we’ll work with you every step of the way to design the perfect and unique solution. Our highly qualified and experienced team will help you find a solution to meet your budget,  preferences, and individual requirements, incorporating safety features, mobility aids, and shower seats to make showering a safe and enjoyable experience.

As standard, your new walk-in shower will include the following:

  • Assistance poles
  • Grab rails
  • Safety glass
  • Easy-to-use taps
  • Shower seats
  • Accessibility
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Ventilation
  • Easy-to-clean walls

Please let us know if you require any additional features beyond those listed above, and we will adapt your walk in shower for the less able-bodied and people with limited mobility to meet your requirements. Once finished, you can be confident that you have a safe and accessible walk-in shower that you can use confidently and comfortably for years to come.

Contact us to discuss your needs or arrange your free home survey? Call our dedicated UK team today at 0800 808 5897 or complete our online contact form

Walk In Showers

A Free Home Survey and No Obligation Quote Is Available for Every Walk-In Shower

By selecting a walk in shower for elderly and disabled users or people with limited mobility, you can reclaim your independence and self confidence. To arrange your free home survey and receive a quote without obligation, contact our friendly staff right now.

Walk In Showers

Walk in Showers: Free Virtual Design Service

3D CAD Designs

We are one of the first companies in our industry to offer an online virtual walk in shower design service. Send us the approximate dimensions of your current bathroom and a couple of photos, and we can show you how your new fully accessible walk-in shower will look when completed

After listening carefully to your preferences and requirements, we’ll assist you in choosing between our range of walk in showers and the extra safety features available. You will then be offered a free, no obligation quote, including complete installation. There are no hidden charges. Our team carries out all the work and the removal of your old bathroom to ensure your new walk-in shower is ready to use.

Get in touch today to start designing your new walk-in shower!

  • Send over your rough dimensions
  • Upload images of your current bathroom
  • Let us know your budget

Why Choose Age Care Bathrooms for Your Walk In Shower Installation?

Our friendly UK-based team understands the importance of installing walk in showers for elderly and less able bodied users or people with limited mobility. We are proud to help our customers regain independence in their bathrooms. 

Everyone has the right to live independently, with dignity, and at their own pace. We can make it simple and quick to convert your bathroom with a walk in shower with easy access to make showering a pleasure again.

Free home survey and no obligation quote

During a house survey, a member of our staff will go through the specifications and design options for your new walk in shower. Nobody wants a surprise cost. Therefore, after our visit, we provide an exact, no obligation quote that won’t go up unexpectedly during installation.

We are an independent UK company

This means that we handle everything from design to a complete installation and have access to a wide range of products from manufacturers.

Every member of our installation team is fully qualified

You don’t have the bother of looking for skilled and reliable tradespeople. Our carefully selected installation team members will carry out the plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and tiling work.

We create every walk in shower for disabled users with accessibility in mind

All NHS occupational therapy recommendations are followed in our designs. We equip each accessible walk in shower with the necessary safety features, such as support poles, grab bars and contemporary shower seats.

Fast installation from start to finish

Our skilled team can finish installations quickly! In as little as three days, we will ensure you can use your new accessible walk in shower as soon as the installation is complete.

No mess left behind

Our installation team will take away all rubbish and old shower fixtures. When the installation is finished, we will ensure your new walk in shower is fully functional and ready to go.

Walk In Showers

Due to the Fact That We Offer a Full Range Of Services, Third-Party Contractors Are Not Required.

Our free-of-charge quote covers every aspect of the installation










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Walk-in Shower FAQs

Our walk in showers with complete installation start at just £7,000. The price of your walk-in shower will depend on the model chosen, the layout of your bathroom, and any luxury features you would like. If you need help choosing a walk in shower within your budget, we can help! Our fitting prices are extremely competitive and, as we are completely independent, we can source a wide range of high quality products at great prices. 

A walk-in shower has a low-profile shower tray that you step into. A wet room is completely unrestricted regarding access, as there is no step at all. Both are practical solutions for older people and those with limited mobility. Wet rooms are recommended for wheelchair users. Age Care Bathrooms are specialists in both products, so talk to us today to learn more.

Walk in showers allow those with limited mobility to continue using the shower on their own. This frequently extends the time an elderly, less able bodied, or unwell person may spend at home. This is substantially less expensive than the cost of home carers, and it may also greatly improve the person’s quality of life.

Being independent, we can provide walk in showers that are reasonably priced. We can ensure the quote won’t change because we don’t have to pay additional fees to subcontractors like plumbers and electricians. We will also include a 3D virtual representation of your new walk in shower to see exactly what you are getting for your money.

We ensure that all the walk in showers have anti-slip flooring to make you feel comfortable and safe when stepping in or out. In addition, grab rails can be installed around your bathroom for extra support. We specialise in supplying walk in showers designed with older and less able bodied users in mind. At Age Care Bathrooms, your safety while using your new walk in shower is our top priority.

Yes, we can fit a foldable or static shower seat into all the walk in showers we install. This is a very popular feature as it allows you to sit down and shower with ease. With a foldable seat, this also means that when others use the shower, they can stand up and shower without any restrictions.

Our team can install a walk in shower in as little as three days, from start to finish. Our own team carries out all the work, and we do not rely on other contractors such as plumbers and electricians, which can slow down the process. The duration of the installation may differ depending on factors such as the size and style of your bathroom and any additional features you may have chosen.

Due to high demand, there is typically a waiting time of a few weeks from your initial enquiry. The earlier you enquire, the sooner we can start fitting your shower!

We’ll work to your requirements. This involves our team assessing the dimensions of your bathroom and advising on the best solution. We have fitted accessible walk-in showers in some extremely small spaces and always strive to meet the needs of the individual. We love a challenge, so with careful planning and design, we are sure we will develop a creative and flawless solution to make the best use of your space.

We take care to cause as little disruption as possible to your home. This means putting down dust sheets to protect your floor, cleaning up the mess as we go along, and removing old shower parts. We understand having strangers in your home can be disconcerting, and our team is always considerate when installing your new walk in shower. Noise and disruption during the installation will be minimal, and we will work efficiently to install your walk-in shower in as little time as possible.

We understand that those with limited mobility need a walk-in shower that is easy to use and maintain. We can install waterproof, maintenance-free walls and ceilings that are resistant to dampness and mould and will ensure your walk in shower is designed to meet all of your requirements.

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have.