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The Benefits of Disabled Wet Rooms for Holiday Cottages

Benefits of Disabled Wet Rooms for Holiday Cottages

Getting in and out of the bath or shower becomes increasingly difficult with age, and can be a day-to-day struggle for those with mobility issues. At Age Care Bathrooms we aim to provide bathroom solutions for people throughout the UK. It’s an easy aspect to control at home, but holiday cottages can be slightly trickier. 

As overseas travel grinds to a halt, most of us find ourselves searching for holidays closer to home this summer. But mobility-friendly holiday cottages are not as widespread as one might think, and may even prove difficult to find. 


For property owners 

As a property owner renting out to holiday seekers, it’s important to remember that the UK has an aging population. This means that a significant number of people searching for holidays may struggle with mobility issues. If you are looking to expand your clientele, consider upgrading your bathroom to a disabled wet room or even simply investing in a disabled shower as this will open up your holiday rental property to all.  

Inclusivity is vital and could improve the reputation of your business. If you are worried about the design aspect, not wanting the disabled bathroom to clash with the theme of your property, we can work with you to replicate your desired look. 

Making this change might be something you haven’t thought about before, but is worth looking into. In a competitive location, this aspect could give you an advantage and encourage more people to book and visit your property. Statistics show that 13.9 million people in the UK struggle with mobility, so making these easily accessible changes could vastly improve the outreach of your business.


Not just the elderly

It’s not just the elderly who would benefit from a disabled wet room, all ages can struggle with mobility issues and whilst feeling safe in a home bathroom environment is easy to control, this is not always the case when booking holiday accommodation. It’s too easy to slip in these kinds of environments, and falling at any stage in your life can cause injuries. 

Mobility issues are often generalized and attributed to being elderly and many property owners may believe they wouldn’t benefit from the inclusion of a disabled wet room in their holiday cottage. However, 32% of people with mobility issues start experiencing them before the age of 50, something that many people are probably not aware of. Disabilities are not compatible with age and can occur at any point in someone’s life.

We understand that completely converting your bathroom into a disabled wet room can be a big step and investment for any business. If you aren’t sure whether or not to make this change, consider simply investing in a disabled shower or even just level-access flooring. By implementing this feature into your holiday cottage, you can create that extra level of security people are often looking for. Even something as simple as placing a handrail near a bath or shower can make someone feel safer. 

If you are curious about the products we offer, whether it’s for a holiday cottage or your own home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit our website for more information. 

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