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Why we choose to work with Brooks Stairlifts

Often when completing a mobility bathroom we are asked if we know of a good stairlift company. We found Brooks Stairlifts and believe their quality is in keeping with our work.

Their installation isn’t complicated and their product continues to impress us. So, if you’re looking for the supply and installation of a robust and great quality stairlift, please get in touch so we can run through the range and find the best option for you and your home.

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Choosing the right stairlift for you

  • Seated stairlifts
  • Perch stairlifts
  • Curved stairlifts
  • Ask us for more details

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Types of stairlifts we do

  • Seated stairlifts

    This is your quintessential stairlift, the most popular model with a seat that carries you from the bottom to the top and down again!

  • Perch stairlifts

    For those who may find sitting difficult, a perch stairlift is an option which allows our customers to lean back on a seat support and strap themselves in for safety.

  • Curved stairlifts

    Not all staircases are built the same! If you have a landing or bend in your staircase, then a curved stairlift may be the most appropriate for your needs!

  • Unconventional design

    If you have an unconventional staircase, then worry not! There is bound to be a stairlift that can suit your needs. Just speak to one of our lovely team members on 0800 808 5897

Your stairlift will be fitted by a fully trained installation engineer

With all work conforming to the highest British Safety Standards.










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