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Mobility Showers for Older and Less Able-Bodied Users

Mobility showers offer older and less able-bodied users safety, comfort, and independence in the bathroom. If using a traditional shower has become difficult or even dangerous due to limited mobility, an easy-access shower is the solution! Contact our team to learn more about our range of mobility showers and accessible showers for older people, those with limited mobility, and wheelchair users. 

As a leading UK supplier, Age Care Bathrooms can design bespoke mobility showers to ensure all safety features are included with our accessible showers and showers for older and less able-bodied people. Whatever your requirements, our team will find a solution tailored to your mobility needs. We follow all best practices according to NHS occupational therapy guidelines, so you or someone you care for can feel confident using the shower independently.

We design all of our mobility showers for safety and comfort. Our team ensures that your new easy-access shower isn’t just practical but is also in a style to suit your personal preferences and home. Call us now to discuss your specific mobility needs and receive a free home survey and no-obligation quote.

We can design the accessible bathroom and mobility shower of your dreams. Speak with our dedicated team to find out more!

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists with 30 years of combined experience in the mobility sector. Whatever individual requirements you or someone you care for may have, we can design a bespoke solution to ensure all safety features are included with our accessible showers and bathrooms.

Why Choose Our Team to Install a Mobility Shower?

Our helpful UK team members understand how important the installation of mobility showers and the creation of accessible bathrooms is for our customers. Our goal is to make life more convenient for those in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility

Everyone should be able to live life with dignity at their own pace. If you need an easy-access shower, we can ensure that remodelling your bathroom is quick and uncomplicated.

Free home survey and no obligation quote

During a home survey, a member of our team will go over specifications and design preferences for your mobility shower. Nobody wants unforeseen expenses; therefore, after our visit, we can offer a precise, no-obligation quotation that will not change.

We are an independent UK company

We manage the entire process from beginning to end, and because we are an independent company, we have access to a large selection of products from reputable manufacturers.

Every member of our installation team is fully qualified

You don’t need to stress about locating skilled and reliable tradespeople. Our thoroughly screened installation staff will handle the plumbing, joinery, electrical work, and tiling.

Our accessible bathroom designs are created with safety in mind

In compliance with NHS occupational therapy, we follow every guideline. We ensure all of our mobility showers have the necessary safety features, such as assistance poles, grab rails, and contemporary shower seats.

Fast installation from start to finish

Our skilled team can finish installations quickly! Your new easy-access shower will be completely functional and available for use in as few as three days.

No mess left behind

Our installation team will remove every item of rubbish and ensure your newly accessible bathroom is fully operational and ready to use.

Mobility Showers for easy access

There is No Cost for Our Home Survey and No Obligation Quote

Regain confidence and independence while showering with bespoke mobility showers and accessible bathrooms. Book your free home survey and receive a no-obligation quote; speak with our team today.

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Mobility Showers: Free Virtual Design Service

3D CAD Designs

We are among the first suppliers of accessible bathrooms in our sector to provide a free online virtual design for mobility showers. Send us a few pictures of your current bathroom and its dimensions, and we’ll be able to show you how your new easy-access shower will look before it’s completed. 

The next step is to book a free home survey so that we can help you select from a wide variety of accessible showers after carefully considering your preferences and needs. After that, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote, and if you decide to go ahead, our team will install your new bathroom and remove your old one at no additional cost.

To begin creating your new easy-access shower, contact us right now!

  • Give your approximate bathroom dimensions.
  • Upload a few pictures of your bathroom as it is now.
  • Tell us about your budget.

Stylish and Practical Mobility Showers

Mobility showers must be both safe and accessible to the user. Therefore we build them to meet your specific needs. If wheelchair accessibility and safety features are essential, they are built into the design. Our installations are completed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure we meet your specific mobility needs.

As standard, all of our accessible showers include the following:

  • Assistance poles
  • Grab rails
  • Safety glass
  • Easy use taps
  • Seating
  • Anti slip flooring
  • Ventilation
  • Easy clean walls

If you require additional features to those listed above, just let us know, and we’ll adapt your easy-access shower to meet your individual requirements.

Want to learn more or arrange your free home survey? Call our friendly UK team today at 0800 999 8994 or complete our online contact form.  

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We provide a complete service without the need for subcontractors

Our free, no-obligation quotation includes all fitting services:










Waste Removal

Mobility Showers FAQs

Our team can install many of our accessible showers in as little as three days. All the work is carried out by ourselves — we do not rely on third-party contractors such as plumbers and electricians, who can slow down the process.

The duration of the installation might differ depending on factors such as the size and style of your bathroom and any individual features you may want included. Due to high demand, there is typically a waiting time of a few weeks from your initial enquiry. The earlier you enquire, the sooner we can start fitting your easy-access shower!

Mobility showers ensure that those with restricted mobility can continue to use the bathroom independently. This often allows an older, less able-bodied or ill person many extra years in their own home. Not only does this end up being much more cost-effective than moving to a care home, but it may also significantly increase the person’s quality of life during those years.

Being independent, we can offer very competitive prices. As our costs do not need to cover additional costs for subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians, we can guarantee the quote will not change. Along with your quote, we will also provide a 3D virtual drawing of how your new easy-access shower will look, so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money.

We recommend same-level access or wet room designs, which are perfect for wheelchair users. This type of easy-access shower has no separate shower tray and provides completely unrestricted access to the shower area, allowing the user to enter and exit unassisted. Contact our team to learn more about our wheelchair-accessible mobility showers.

We’ll assess the dimensions of your bathroom and advise on the best solution. We have fitted practical and stylish mobility showers into some extremely small spaces before, and we always strive to meet the needs of the individual. We love a challenge, so with careful planning and design, we are sure we will develop a creative and flawless solution to make the best use of your space.

A few key safety features come as standard with all of our easy-access shower installations. These are:

  • Grab rails — Different sizes and types are available, but they are essential for safety and peace of mind in the shower!
  • Non-slip flooring — Traditional showers are slippy, even for those with full mobility. A slippery shower floor is a major safety hazard if your movement is restricted.
  • Thermostatic protection — The shower unit should be thermostatically controlled to protect the user from scalding.
  • Lever taps — Easy to use if you have restricted mobility or struggle with joint pain

When installing mobility showers, we take care to cause as little disruption as possible to your home. This means putting down dust sheets to protect your floor, cleaning up the mess and the old bathroom parts, and being considerate when moving around your home. 

There will inevitably be some noise and disruption when the work takes place, but we will do all we can to keep this to a minimum. We work quickly and carefully to install your easy-access shower in as little time as possible while maintaining our impeccable installation quality. 

Different types of mobility showers are available to suit different needs. Accessible showers can be designed with same-level access to make use safe and easy for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Alternatively, we can install mobility showers with a shallow tray to step into to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

Whichever type of accessible shower you choose, there are countless styles and features to personalise it. This includes design aspects and practical safety features, such as lever taps, shower seats, and much more.

All of our mobility showers are designed with low maintenance and practicality in mind and include waterproof, maintenance-free walls and ceilings that will be resistant to dampness and mould.

There are many benefits to using mobility showers specialists, such as ourselves, over a local plumber. At the start of the project, we’ll take the time to understand your specific mobility needs. We then draw upon our breadth of experience and knowledge to design a suitable easy-access shower bespoke solution to meet your unique needs and individual preferences. Also, as independent specialists, we have access to a wide range of manufacturers, materials, and products.

Mobility showers have many advantages. They are designed with older and less able-bodied people in mind, but they are, of course, suitable for the whole family to use too.

The main advantage is when entering and exiting the shower — mobility showers have a choice of either a level floor or a shallow tray to make it easy for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility to use the shower without assistance. Other advantages include easy-to-clean, damp-resistant walls and floors, non-slip flooring, safety rails, easy-to-use taps, and much more. Not to mention a modern and stylish design!

The brand, design, and any extra features you want will all affect the cost of your mobility shower. When selecting a mobility shower that fits your budget, we will be delighted to show you the best options that meet your specific needs. As each easy-access shower we install is unique, we will provide you with a free home survey and no-obligation quote specific to your requirements. 

A handicap-access shower is intended to make it simpler for people who are unsteady on their feet, have restricted mobility, cannot stand for a long duration, or need a wheelchair to shower. It might contain a seat and other safety precautions like grab bars.

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have.