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Live Installations

This elderly couple in Derbyshire worried that due to the small nature of their bathroom, they wouldn’t be able to have a stylish & decorative space that met all of their mobility needs.

Enter the Age Care Bathrooms team! We took one look at their bathroom space and saw tonnes of potential!

Here is what the bathroom looked like when we arrived, lovely but in need of a transformation to meet their changing needs:

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We are one of the UK’s leading specialists with 30 years combined experience in the mobility sector.

The Installation Steps

Day - 1

To begin with, we gutted the bathroom, working carefully but quickly to rip out the bath, toilet, sink, flooring and other materials ready for a completely new installation. By the end of day 1, here’s what their bathroom looked like with everything ripped out!

Day - 2

After day 2 we were really happy with all the progress made, as the bathroom was starting to take shape! The wet room flooring and the wet room panelling had been installed, both of which are super low maintenance when it comes to cleaning!

Days 3 - 4

Days 3 and 4 were spent adding the main features to the bathroom, focusing in particular on the shower. We designed this to include a movable pane of glass, which separates the shower area from the rest of bathroom, while still remaining completely unrestricted in terms of access.

Day - 5

Completion day! Take a look at the stunning results. The customer was extremely happy with their new mobility bathroom & level access shower. Their stylish bathroom is now completely unrestrictive in terms of access and they can use their shower comfortably without fear of slipping or falling.