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What regular cleaning should I be doing?

After Every Use #

  1. Ventilate:
    • Purpose: To prevent mold and mildew growth due to excess moisture.
    • Method: Keep the door or window open after using the shower or bath. This airflow helps to dry out the room and reduces humidity levels.

Weekly Cleaning #

  1. Wipe Basin:
    • Purpose: To prevent soap scum and water stains.
    • Method: Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean the basin. Be careful to avoid letting water drip down the sides. Pay special attention to the area around the drain.
  2. Wipe Toilet:
    • Purpose: To maintain hygiene and ensure the seat is securely fitted.
    • Method: Use warm soapy water to wipe the entire toilet, especially under the seat. This helps prevent bacterial growth and keeps the toilet fresh.
  3. Clean Walls:
    • Purpose: To remove soap scum and water spots.
    • Method: Use a damp cloth and a mild bathroom cleaner to gently wipe down the walls. This prevents buildup and keeps the paint or tiles in good condition.
  4. Clean Screens and Fixtures:
    • Purpose: To maintain clarity of glass screens and cleanliness of fixtures.
    • Method: Use a dry cloth for glass shower screens to avoid streaks. For taps and drain covers, a damp cloth should suffice. Be gentle to avoid scratching surfaces.
  5. Clean Shower Drain:
    • Purpose: To prevent clogs and ensure smooth drainage.
    • Method: Remove the cover and the water-filled pot. Clear any debris, then rinse with warm soapy water before replacing. This helps prevent blockages and unpleasant odors.
  6. Clean Floor:
    • Purpose: To maintain cleanliness and safety.
    • Method: First, ensure the floor is dry. Vacuum or sweep to remove loose dirt, then mop with warm soapy water. Allowing the floor to dry prevents slips and removes stains.
  7. Wipe Silicone:
    • Purpose: To prevent mold growth and maintain seals.
    • Method: Use a dry cloth to wipe down silicone-sealed areas. This helps preserve the integrity of the sealant and keeps it looking clean.

Monthly Cleaning #

  1. Clean Shower Head:
    • Purpose: To remove limescale and ensure a steady water flow.
    • Method: Detach the shower head and thoroughly rinse it with warm soapy water. This clears any mineral buildup and maintains water pressure.

Important Caution #

  • Avoid Bleach on Chrome:
    • Reason: Bleach can corrode chrome fixtures.
    • Method: Use a mild cleaner specifically designed for chrome to avoid damage.

Regular adherence to this cleaning schedule will not only keep your bathroom looking and smelling clean but also extend the life of its fixtures and finishes.

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