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AltroClean 44 (Wetroom floor cleaner) 1L


1 Litre AltroClean 44

AltroClean 44 is specially formulated to clean Altro safety
flooring in kitchens and other areas where removal of
grease and cleanliness of floors is essential. It can also
be used for removing old or worn coatings of seals/polishes from Altro rubber flooring and Altro smooth vinyl flooring.

Method of use
1. Sweep the floor.
2. Add AltroClean 44 to clean, warm water; the dilution
rate depends upon the degree of soiling (see below).
3. Apply with suitable equipment such as a deck scrubber
or similar, preferably a machine fitted with medium or
heavy duty pads (brushes for Altro Marine 20) and leave
for several minutes for the cleaner to attack the surface soil.
4. Rinse the floor with clean water and dry after use.

Dilution rate
Regular maintenance: use 1 part AltroClean 44 to 40 parts
clean, warm water. For heavily soiled floors: use 1 part
AltroClean 44 to 10 parts clean, warm water. To remove
emulsion based seals: use 1 part AltroClean 44 to 5-10 parts
clean, warm water, depending on the seal used.

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