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Is your current bathroom future proof? Does it meet your current needs or the needs of your loved ones? If you’re looking for a disabled wet room, then get in contact with Age Care Bathrooms today. We tailor our bathrooms specifically to your mobility needs.

The Age Care Bathrooms team have over 20 years of experience in providing excellent quality wet rooms for those with disabilities and mobility issues. We provide you with the best possible service and price for our disabled wet room. All our staff are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of the job. This means our fantastic team get the job done in one go, with no need for subcontractors or third parties. Our staff are experts in bathroom installations, meaning they’ll get the whole process done and dusted as quickly and as professionally as possible

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3D CAD Designs

We are one of the first in our industry to offer an online virtual disabled wet room design service. Send us the dimensions of your current bathroom along with photos and we can show you how your new fully-accessible disabled wet room will look. 

After listening carefully to your preferences and requirements, we will assist you in choosing between the vast range of easy access showers and baths available on the market. We will then offer you a free, no-obligation quote including all fitting services. There are no hidden charges, our team carry out the installation and the removal of your old bathroom all included.

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Disabled Wet Room Features

Our wet rooms are designed to be safe, accessible and easy to maintain, which makes them ideal for people with disabilities and those who need wheelchair access. As many as 80% of trips and falls at home occur in the bathroom so it is essential that safety features are included for your peace of mind. We understand that safety is a top priority. That’s why with every disabled wet room we install, we offer:
Once finished, you can be confident that you have a beautiful new disabled wet room which you will be able to use comfortably for years to come.

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Offering you peace of mind while bathing

  • Virtual Design Service

    See how your new mobility bathroom will look

  • Anti-slip floors

    Fitted as standard with all our installations

  • Low Maintenance

    Ceilings and walls are low maintenance for your convenience

  • Video Consultations

    In light of Covid-19 we offer video consultation calls

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Frequently asked questions

Disabled Wet Room FAQs

Age Care Bathrooms are completely independent, meaning that our highly trained team will carry out ALL of the work from start to finish. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not contract out any stage of a mobility bathroom installation. We hold extremely high standards and we don’t trust subcontractors to complete a job with the same attention to detail as we do. When it comes to disabled wet rooms, we are the experts so the full installation including plumbing, electrics, joinery, flooring and even waste removal, is handled by our team.

As little as 3 days from start to finish. We strive to be efficient and we are able to do things quickly because we do not have to wait on external contractors such as plumbers or electricians, which can slow the process down. Since each disabled wet room that we fit is unique, the duration of the installation may differ depending on factors such as the size and style of your bathroom, as well as any individual features which you may have chosen to be included. Due to high demand there is typically a waiting time of a few weeks from your initial enquiry. The earlier you enquire, the sooner we can start fitting your disabled wet room!

As each disabled wet room that we install is unique, we will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation and quote specific to your requirements. We can tailor the products to meet your budget, and our costs do not need to cover subcontractors so our quotes frequently beat those of our main competitors. Along with your quote we can provide a 3D virtual drawing of how your disabled wet room will look, so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. For many, having a disabled wet room is a way to extend their years in their own home and is a small investment when compared to the costs of moving into a care home.

Yes! Our disabled wet rooms are designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind. They offer completely unrestricted access to all areas of the bathroom including the shower area, allowing the user to enter and exit unassisted. With a disabled wet room, the walls and floor are completely waterproof, making the room easy to keep clean and maintain. All of the water is directed towards the draining point, which is known as gravity draining. Along with the waterproof floors and walls, this means that you don’t need to worry about any leaking or getting any areas of the bathroom wet.

Planning permission isn’t normally needed for a disabled wet room in an established home. However if you are looking to install a disabled wet room in a new build house you will have to apply for building regulations approval. If the latter applies to you, it’s important to read up on guidelines following along with The Building Regulations Act 2010.

If you are making significant structural changes to your house in order to install a disabled wet room, such as an extention or additional drainage, you are required to consult a buildings regulation officer.

There are many benefits of installing a disabled wet room in your home. Accessibility for some people is key, in order to minimise the risk of slips or falls wet rooms reduce floor level obstacles such as shower ledges. Disabled wet rooms are also highly supportive, with assistance poles and grab rails as two of many additions we include, we ensure our customers experience an increased feeling of safety and security. 

For more benefits and advantages, click here for our ‘Wet Rooms for the Disabled Guide’

No - We’ll work to your requirements which involves our team assessing the dimensions of your bathroom and advising on the best solution. We have fitted practical and stylish disabled wet rooms into some extremely small spaces before and we always strive to meet the needs of the individual. We love a challenge, so with careful planning and design, we are sure we will come up with a creative and flawless solution to make the best use of your space.

We take care to cause as little disruption as possible to your home. This means putting down dust sheets to protect your floor, cleaning up the mess and the old bathroom parts, as well as being considerate when moving around your home. There will be some noise and disruption during the installation, but we will do all we can to keep this to a minimum. We work quickly on site to get your disabled wet room installed in as little time as possible.

Yes. We understand that those with limited mobility need a disabled wet room that is not only easy to use, but easy to maintain as well. For instance we can install waterproof, maintenance-free walls and ceilings that will be resistant to damp and mould. All of our disabled wet rooms are designed with low maintenance in mind, for your convenience.

At Age Care Bathrooms we have over 20 years combined experience in designing and fitting disabled wet rooms for the elderly and disabled. We understand that each individual is unique and has their own specific care requirements. Your care needs are our number one priority, which is why we are always considerate with every customer and strive to come up with a solution that meets all of your requirements.

Accessible wet room dimensions are different to standard wet rooms, with building regulations stating the minimum as 2500mm x 2400mm. These are for a disabled wet room with a toilet, basin and shower. There are also recommended minimum requirements for shower trays, those being 1000mm x 1000mm. 

It is a possibility that your bathroom may not have the size requirements we need for installation, but there are other options available, such as our level access showers. For those with smaller bathrooms this may be worth looking into.  

If you are still unsure about measurements, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries. We are more than happy to answer them.

As mentioned in the information above, we listen carefully to your preferences and requirements when designing your wet room. With a wide range of choices on the market, we are confident you will find something to your liking. We are also happy to assist at any point in the design process. 

There is no obligation to carry through with the disabled wet room, even after choosing your design. We will provide you with a free quote based on all the information you have given us so far, but there is no pressure to complete the purchase.

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We provide a complete service without the need for subcontractors

Our free, no obligation quotation includes all fitting services such as –