Product Feature: Mobility-Friendly Bottle & Can Openers


Product Feature: Mobility-Friendly Bottle & Can Openers

Something that many of our customers struggle with is the process of opening cans, jars and bottles. As we get older, we lose some of our strength and can even develop conditions such as arthritis, making it even more difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. This is why our range of products at Age Care Bathrooms has been extended to include mobility-friendly bottle & can openers, helping our customers with their daily routine. 

2 in 1 Jar & Bottle Opener

The 2 in 1 Jar & Bottle Opener can be purchased directly from our shop for just under £8, a small price for such big results. These bottle openers allow you to turn and open caps and lids easily, without overcomplicating the process. The handle is designed for easy grip, with slip-resistant ridges and finger indentation to help with use. Soft on the hands but with a powerful effect, the 2 in 1 Jar & Bottle Opener can be put straight in the dishwasher after use, ready for the next time you need it. 

Weighing in at only 105 grams, you won’t be straining any muscles with this bottle opener. It’s been perfectly designed to accommodate elderly users and those suffering from arthritis, but can be utilised by anyone. Visit our product page to find out more about the 2 in 1 Jar & Bottle Opener, and purchase yours today. 

Ring Pull Can Opener

The Ring Pull Can Opener is designed in a hook shape, catching the edge of the ring pull so your fingernails don’t have to. This kitchen aid allows you to open any can without struggle, helping those with limited dexterity or a weakened grip. The large handle makes it easy to hold and stops you from fiddling around with useless kitchenware. 

There are no mechanical or complicated features to the Ring Pull Can Opener, simply pick it up and put it to use. After you’ve successfully opened a can, you can simply store this product in a kitchen draw, or hang it for easy access. For under £5, you can purchase the Ring Pull Can Opener today with Age Care Bathrooms. 

Additional Kitchen Products

Looking for more assistance around the kitchen? At Age Care Bathrooms we offer a wide range of kitchen mobility-aids, such as: 

All of our products are designed to make your life easier, so you don’t have to worry about simple day-to-day tasks. We all need a little help as we get older and these safety features can provide you with the support you need. 

The Age Care Bathrooms shop has been recently launched and features a range of mobility-friendly home aids that help our customers on a daily basis. From the bathroom to the kitchen, our products can be used around the house, designed with the purpose of simplifying your life. Visit our shop to explore what’s on offer and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Types of Disabled Shower and How They Can Help


Types of Disabled Showers and How They Can Help

As we grow older, mobility starts to become an issue. Climbing in and out of the bath is no longer a possibility, and keeping yourself safe in the shower can be difficult. This is where Age Care Bathrooms steps in. Our disabled showers are designed to help our customers feel secure whilst bathing and reduce the risks of slips or falls, complete with a stylish design. 

We offer various types of disabled showers, all designed and installed in-house, with no need for external contractors. Find out why you should invest in an Age Care Bathroom disabled shower and how they can help you with your daily routine. 

Walk-in Shower


Walk-in showers are perfect for those who don’t require significant help with mobility, but who are looking to make their bathing routine simpler. Walk-in showers are designed with the customer in mind and can be customised to match your current bathroom. These showers can be fitted with anti-slip flooring, safety glass, easy to use taps and much more, depending on your unique requirements. 

Instead of climbing over the steep side of a bath, you can easily walk into this disabled shower without stress. Regardless of bathroom size, we can work with your home to install the perfect walk-in shower. If you need additional support, Age Care Bathrooms can simply install a shower seat to match.

Level Access Shower


Also referred to as a wet room, level access showers are designed without steps or lips, making them ideal for wheelchair users. Instead, the shower is on the same level as your bathroom floor, creating no ground-level obstacles and removing falling risks. Level access showers make bathing as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Similar to walk-in showers, they can be adapted to suit your bathroom size and style, and we can even create a modern look for your disabled shower. We offer a wide range of styles and designs you can choose from, with no need for external contractors. Discuss your design ideas with a member of our team today and find out what we can do for you.

Mobility Showers


Mobility showers, or disabled showers, are a general term for bathing features that offer safety, security and comfort to our elderly or disabled customers. For those struggling with mobility, disabled showers can provide you with additional support, removing bathroom risks and making you feel safe at home. 

We can adapt your new disabled shower to suit your needs, installing features such as: 

  • Grab bars
  • Shower seats
  • Safety glass
  • Easy-clean walls

Improving your bathroom experience as you age shouldn’t be a huge task and you shouldn’t have to worry about it either. This important part of our daily routine can be made much more enjoyable with a disabled shower, giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind. Remove the dangers of traditional showers and invest in a brand new disabled shower. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with a disabled shower, get in touch with Age Care Bathrooms to start the process. We can install your new mobility shower in as little as three days, so don’t wait to contact our team.